Star Wars is Better Than Sex and Why Moscow Loves the Saga

Recently, a friend of mine told me a horrible story. He found out that his girlfriend never watched a single Star Wars episode and wished to change this sad fact. Full of hope and enthusiasm, he decided to open a whole new world to her. So he cooked her a romantic dinner complete with his favorite episode (A New Hope), but the poor girl fell asleep after only 20 minutes. I know it sounds ridiculous!

This story made me think of how important it is to share common interests with a beloved one. And how cool it is to be waiting for a new episode with cosmic impatience.

With only a week left until the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this is exactly what I think all humanity is doing right now.

From pre-sales alone, JJ Abrams and his crew earned more than 50 million dollars. That’s a world record! Russia is not an exception when it comes to the excitement, with fans purchasing over 15,000 tickets to see the film on premiere night – that’s more than ever in the history of Russian cinema!

Moscow has always shown a love for Star Wars. Serving as an example is this insanely big, beautiful graffiti piece painted by Arthur Kashak in the area of Krasnye Vorota. Arthur dedicated it to the upcoming movie and he painted all this beauty all by himself.


And when the Empire invaded Moscow’s M.Video stores as a creative promotion for the Star Wars Battlefront video game, which was a bit shocking for simple customers and also a shocking surprise for fans. However, a very boring one in my opinion. That was the first time I was disappointed by the guys from DICE.

Do you remember how this August the Russian office of The Walt Disney Company installed this awesome stand in Gorky Park as a part of the Faces&Laces 2015 exhibition?


And this is the Christmas Tree Disney put in Moscow’s GUM mall. The force is strong with it.


Speaking of malls, Tsvetnoy Univermag is hosting a really cool exhibition called The Secrets of Storm Troopers.

Moscow is also the home for the Star Fans festival–a unique event in Russia which is dedicated specifically to Star Wars. The next festival will take place in April 2016 and the tickets will appear on their website soon. Get them here:

Papa Vader is a café in Moscow made in the style of Star Wars. Unfortunately, it is closed now due to relocation, but the owner promised that the new opening will occur in January-February 2016. You’ll be able to taste “Admiral Ackbar” pizza or “Jar Jar Binks” salad.

And as the cherry on top–the very old but still funny video of Lord Vader visiting Russia’s capital. He was looking for his son and got arrested, how unfair!

Russia will see the 7th episode a day earlier than the rest of the world, on December,17th, and the Moskvaer team has already bought tickets. How about you?

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