Can a Russian Woman Make a Man, or How to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Dating Russian Women

May 5, 2016Steven Caban0

New York City has an abundance of Russian immigrants and a generation of young American-born Russians who are eager for new opportunities. I was fortunate enough to make friends with them, which offered me an opportunity to learn a new culture and meet many Russian girls. Though I seemed to have fit in with the Russian crowd better than with the Hispanics, I continued to make similar mistakes dating Russian women… […]


Pop Porn Party: Moscow’s Very First Kinky-Party Is Coming

February 26, 2016Yana3

Moscow’s first kinky-party, Pop Porn Party will be held in the style of the best erotic clubs of Berlin and Paris on March 4th at ArhiV club. From the organizers, Moskvaer learned how to get an invitation, what to wear and what to expect from this very unusual night with an “Eyes Wide Shut” atmosphere… […]


Sex-evangelist of Pure Elena Rydkina: “I want to live in a better world”

February 19, 2016Yana0

“Get exactly what you want” is the motto of the Pure mobile application, which manifests the freedom and diversity of sexual, emotional and spiritual ties. Moskvaer discussed the specifics of free sex, confrontation to a conservative society and dating culture in Moscow and New York with Pure’s sex-evangelist Elena Rydkina. […]