Sugar Cake Moscow Festival: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

November 11, 2016Moskvaer0

The capital’s sweetest festival–Sugar Cake Moscow Festival, dedicated to the confectionery art, will take place in Moscow next Saturday, November 12. Visitors will be offered numerous tastings, impulsive food shopping at the Cake Market and […]

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Moscow’s Game of Thrones Food Festival–Dine on the food of Westeros, sit upon the Iron Throne, and more!

July 1, 2016Stanislav1

Ren TV, a Russian channel known for airing a lot of Game of Thrones episodes usually treats fans with thematic events. However, usually they simply place The Iron Throne in some random park and allow people to sit on it and take a photo–and one time they organized an amusing cosplay competition. But this time they’ve taken the bar higher and brought the cuisine of Westeros to the first Moscow Game of Thrones food festival! […]

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Top 7 Summerish Ideas for Cocktails from Moskvaer’s Wine Expert: Simple but Super-tasty

June 30, 2016Kristina0

Summer is the best season to look for your favorite cocktail recipes and ingredients. Most cocktails are served chilled, and ice is what you need on hot summer days, right? For those of you who have gardens and who enjoy the summer sun setting surrounded by peaceful nature, the Moskvaer cocktail list is a good possibility to look at your garden from a different angle and to understand that there is no fruit or vegetable that can’t be used in a cocktail mix. […]

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Moskvaer’s Choice: 5 Best Spots for Breakfast in Moscow

June 14, 2016Yana0

Breakfast has always been the main meal of the day for me and the most important socio-cultural ritual at the same time. But only when I found myself in such a country as Italy, where the maximum of what you can get in the morning is a chocolate croissant and a ristretto, did I fully realize the value of “normal” complete breakfasts. In Moscow people know things about those, and restaurants pay respect both to morning hunger and a modern tradition of Sunday ‘breakfast meetings’ with friends. […]