Like Flowers But Better: Best Jokes About Men for March 8th

March 7, 2016Yana0

On February 23, we decided to be original and congratulated men with the best collection of jokes on a favorite topic–women… Now that the time has come for women to celebrate their gender holiday, we certainly can not shy away. As a humble present on March 8th, Moskvaer gives its readers a nice bit of humor. This time about men!


To Men With Love: Best Jokes About Women for February 23

February 22, 2016Yana0

February 23–Defender of the Fatherland Day–celebrated in Russia since 1922. On this day women traditionally congratulate men and give them gifts. Historically, the most popular are considered sets for shaving, deodorants and underwear. Moskvaer decided to congratulate men on their own, presenting them a few decent jokes on a favorite topic – women… […]