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Alien Opera: A Close Encounter with Sci-Fi Metal Band Sunwalter

May 20, 2016Edward Crabtree0

The interview takes place in the Rock House Club on Ismailovskaya Highway in Partisanskaya on May 7th. Before us on the porch stands a mock up of a Harley Davidson and behind us the T.V. is tuned to a rock channel but the sound is turned down because our words are already punctuated by the churning guitars of a band now playing beneath us. […]

Art & Music

Mexican Expat, Founder of the Music Institute in Moscow Speaks On Business in Russia, Art and the Difficulties of Moscow Life

April 19, 2016Yana0

In the spring of 2016 an expat from Mexico Luis Aguilar ran a new music institute in Moscow–Aguilar Institute Cadenza, where all students are taught music, singing and dancing in English, Spanish, Chinese or Russian. We decided to talk to Luis and see what he thinks about the creative potential, the music industry and the specifics of doing business in Russia. […]