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Moskvaer’s Choice: 5 Best Spots for Breakfast in Moscow

June 14, 2016Yana0

Breakfast has always been the main meal of the day for me and the most important socio-cultural ritual at the same time. But only when I found myself in such a country as Italy, where the maximum of what you can get in the morning is a chocolate croissant and a ristretto, did I fully realize the value of “normal” complete breakfasts. In Moscow people know things about those, and restaurants pay respect both to morning hunger and a modern tradition of Sunday ‘breakfast meetings’ with friends. […]


Sin City: A Night in a Moscow Swingers’ Club – Female Perspective

February 10, 2016Moskvaer3

They say, Russian people are obsessed with normality. But if one looks behind that veil of cultivated decency, s/he can find a lot of interesting things that are far from being what is considered to be “normal.” In search of spicy details, Moskvaer tried to dive deep into the Moscow nightlife and went straight to the city’s largest swinger club. […]