Pop Porn Party 3.0: Moscow to Start July with Another Kinky-Party in BDSM Style

June 26, 2016Moskvaer0

A series of kinky-parties called Pop Porn Party have gradually become a tradition within Moscow’s nightlife. The third consecutive event, this time entirely dedicated to the sunject of BDSM, will be held on July 1 in the Konstruktor nightclub. Konstruktor is dark and mysterious place known for its techno-parties and the spirit of European discos. According to organizers, it is the location of the party (which is different each time) which dictates the atmosphere… […]


Pop Porn-Party 2.0: A Misunderstood Format

May 17, 2016Moskvaer0

While entering the Pop Porn-shebang I met a friend of mine, who apparently, was already leaving. He was wearing a mask, a skirt and a beard, and somehow a couple with a girl in an evening dress and a guy in a red plaid shirt brought him to aesthetic rabies. “Don’t expect much from those people,” he said. “They do not fuck.” So he left. […]


Pop Porn-Party 2.0: Next Kinky-Party to Set Moscow on FIRE on May 14th

May 10, 2016Moskvaer0

You’ve been waiting for it, and finally it’s here – a night of fantasies, a night of revelations, a night of seduction. The second Pop Porn-Party will be held on May 14th (so close!) at Moscow’s Fassbender nightclub located in ArtPlay. The upcoming festival of free love will will offer its guests to try an erotic PLAY MAZE, a squirt show, sex-toys test drive, a Fetish Zone by PURE, a light-show by Freaks Planet, a burlesque performance, and much more. Only the strict rules of the party remain unchanged… […]