Sketches of the Moscow Countryside: Lonely Blondie Wants to Get Acquainted

April 11, 2016Yana0

Zvenigorod. 65 KM away from Moscow. To go there on a Saturday evening was the spontaneous decision of two people with minds blurred by hangovers. After a highly anticipated meal with soup and coffee, which was supposed to bring us back to life, we went down to the river. This was the Moscow River or one of its tributaries. From the restaurant that was located nearby, along the tiny path, two figures came towards us… […]


Transgender in Moscow: Dating, Tolerance and the Transition Process

March 24, 2016Yana0

The story of 19-year-old Isa, a transgender who moved to Moscow from Kazakhstan to begin a new life. Moskvaer talked to her about both her childhood and adulthood, about relations with society and the private life, about intolerance and meeting new friends, about the transgender transition process and why sexual characteristics are not the main thing that determine the gender. […]