Is It Worth Investing In Wine, And Why?

January 10, 2018Kristina0

Remember famous saying: “The main problem of quotes on the internet is that people immediately believe in their authenticity.” So, during the last 24 hours, after the release of “Fine wine returns outperform UK blue-chips […]

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Let’s Drink to the Path, or Seven Best Destinations for Wine Tourism

June 7, 2016Kristina0

Enotourism or wine tourism as people call it is becoming more and more popular each year and introduces thousands of people all over the world to a new horizon of tastes and knowledge. Wine tourism is a rather new direction in the tourism industry, and it’s history in every region is unique. The development of wine tourism started with the famous “Judgement of Paris,” the 40th anniversary of which was celebrated this spring, on May 24. […]

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Biodynamics – Science or the Hippie Movement in Viticulture?

May 1, 2016Kristina0

When you’re driving through the vastness of France in a well air-conditioned car, scrolling the newsfeed on the smartphone and reading e-mails on the laptop, the last thing you’d expect to see is plowing with a plow and horses… No, this is not a show for buyers and certainly not the stage for a movie, it is–a vivid example of a biodynamic vineyard. In this article Moskvaer’s wine expert reflects on whether biodynamics is a science or just the hippie movement in viticulture? […]

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Wine Expert: A Short Introduction to the Essence of Wine

April 12, 2016Kristina0

As with the creation of any product of human activity, the production of alcoholic beverages is overgrown and covered with a huge number of all kinds of myths. But still, often, to feel the full enjoyment of the wine consumed, we need some more interesting knowledge about it. So firstly, let’s look at some important definitions and facts and analyze the etymology of the word “wine”. All this will help us to feel a bit like experts, and this, believe me, is a pleasure itself. […]