TEN Street Food Fans: A Charming Eatery in a Convenient Historical Spot

Located near the Bulgakov Museum just minutes from Mayakovskaya Metro Station, TEN Street Food Fans is settled in a prime spot for picking up the overflow of both expat and local hipsters from the Patriarch Ponds area. And with the hipster scene, it fits perfectly.

With its modern, loft-like interior complete with clean red brick, guests can’t help but feel as if they are dining or enjoying a drink at their stylish Manhattan apartment.

As for food choices, the eatery prides itself on having (and accomplishing) the main goal of combining all the gastronomic trends of international street-foods onto one menu, with brand-chef and street-food fan Igor Kotov’s own interpretation. As a result, we have a symbiosis of mainstream and comfort.

The food is good. It’s as simple as that. I think that’s the best way to describe it because it’s simple as well. However, many places have not yet managed to come to the perfect simplicity of which TEN has come to – the combination of good products, good recipes and proper preparation. It’s all very good.

And for drinks, Mixologist Alexander Cloquet provides the expertise necessary for creating delicious cocktails to be enjoyed with friends or colleagues after a hard day in the city. The Moscow Mule with its blend of vodka and spicy ginger beer served traditionally in a copper mug is our personal favorite (Can you guess why?)—give it a try!

The selection of beer wasn’t extensive, but some may consider that to be an advantage – freshness will always remain in constantly refilled drafts. This is important, because beer and street-food go quite lovely together.


While everything else seems great, I must admit that some may consider the staff to be a bit inhospitable. However, we should all know that inhospitality is a common quality reflective of typical Russian service (for now). Nevertheless, you may ignore the unwelcoming attitudes for the convenient location – in the center of the city, close to the metro yet very private in it’s cute historical yard – and the nice, charming decor.

Whenever you happen to be around Mayakovskaya, visit TEN Street Food Fans–you won’t regret it!

Address: Bolshaya Sadovar 10

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