Three Moscow Exhibitions of Other Worlds: Mikhail Shvartsman, Neue Slowenische Kunst and “The New Reality”

The world has lost the borders it used to have when social media platforms penetrated our lives. Nowadays, everyone is a citizen of the world ready to get in touch with with the farthest point of the planet. For modern artists, virtual governments and units have been their actual reality for a long time already. Artists were precisely those who first implemented and realized unbelievable spaces, of which everyone could become a part.

This review covers three exhibitions that invite visitors to observe the development of three independent worlds crossing their ways in the area of modern art.

NSK: from “Capital to capital”

Creations of the group “Neue Slowenische Kunst” (“New Slovenian Art”), a.k.a. NSK combine music, art, performances, underground actions and theater. The best-known representative of the group is the Laibach team, that recently visited Moscow with tours. Such multi-directional creative activity had to come together to form something more than just an artistic trend sooner or later.

And so it happened: the virtual NSK state does not exist in space, but in time. It has it’s own passports, stamps and other governmental attributes. In 1992, every Muscovite could get such artistic citizenship, and now to get acquainted with this virtual life is possible only within the framework of the exhibition.

Where: Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
When: Until December 9

“The New Reality” studio (1958-1991). Transformation of consciousness


The artistic association “New Reality” emerged after World War II as a response to art, supervised by the authorities in those years. Naturally, the Soviet government could not understand and accept abstract art. As a consequence there was persecution, unemployment, but also a prosperity that formed underground.

Special teaching methods, creative tasks, which, by the way, can be found at the exhibition, formed a unique artistic community, that created–literally–a “new reality.”

At the end of the exhibition visit, each guest will be offered to perform creative tasks using the techniques developed in the historical period.

Where: Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Petrovka 25)
When: Until January 15

Vetrogrades of Mikhail Shvartsman


Imagine a palm-tree garden, full of exotic birds and animals. At the center of this garden imagine a Crystal Palace having incredible geometric shapes. In this transparent palace, the internal and external are inseparable from each other. Here are corridors, staircases, and the incredible maze of reflections of space, keeping the secrets of time and existence.

The architect of the palace could easily be Mikhail Shvartsman. His exhibition is a cacophony of quotations and parallels, sort of reflecting main themes of his artwork, so that the appearance of a single exhibition space is dissolved in a variety of incredible worlds created by him.

Where: Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Petrovka 25)
When: Until January 15

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