Tinder Social in Moscow: Instructions For Use, Based on Experience

Shortly after a successful launch in the US and Europe, Tinder Social has come to Moscow. The most popular question that I have heard in connection with the advent of the new option sounded outrageously primitive: ‘How does it work?’. ‘Strange’, I thought…  It would seem that the intuitive navigation of the app and the simple purpose of Tinder Social should save people from any doubt. However, they doubted, and so did I when I first began exploring the new option.

In this article, I will try to answer the main questions that arose for me and my friends during group swiping, so maybe it will help someone to find new friends or an interesting adventure through Tinder Social.

How do I create a group?

Go to your profile page, click the button labeled “Go Out Tonight”, then from the friends list formed of your Facebook friends who are also Tinder users and who have allowed the App to show them on Tinder Social (can be set up in Tinder’s settings), you choose those with whom you want to create a group.

In my case, there were three friends of mine that decided to gather for poker on a Friday evening. Thus, our group contained four damn attractive people (hello, guys! 🙂 ) between the ages of 25-45.

When you create a group, Tinder offers to choose from an existing description of your activity or to create your own. We said that we were inviting everyone to a home party.

Once you have created a group, your general chat appears in the list of correspondences. It can only be seen by you and the other members of the group. Those groups of people with which you match appear in separate chats.

How do you match people on Tinder Social?

Once you have created a group of search, all of the participants get an opportunity to like other groups (this cannot be done, if you’re a single user). Your Tinder list will be formed in accordance with the same search parameters that you have set for your main search (displayed in Settings). Those couples or groups of people that you swiped right (liked), in the case of mutual sympathy, will appear in the list of your matches on the top.

To get a match, it is enough for at least one of the members of group A to swipe right on group B, and for at least one of the members of group B, respectively, to swipe right on group A. Therefore, there is no need to wait until all participants will cross-like each other. I think if it were so, it would put an end to the very possibility of making the acquaintances…

By the way, an important nuance: the group chat disappears for all participants, if at least one of the group members selects “unmatch”.

In the case of our group, almost all of our mutual sympathies consisted of totally female groups—seems like three of my friends desperately swiped left (disliked) on all the male groups, and the men apparently found the gender predominance of our group not so appealing.


I have a match! What’s next? What do we talk about?

That day our group happened to match some other groups of people, and in each case we were the first who initiated the conversations. Groups consisting only of girls responded rather slowly and without much enthusiasm. Although their group activity had been designated as “We’re going out tonight”, it was obvious that you were not very welcome to join….

Dialogues were approximately of such format:

Some of my friends to the common chat: Christine, Lena, hello! Nice to meet you. What are your plans for the evening?


We’re going to Vadim’s place for a poker party. Join us! What do you think?

Christine: Hi! I am in principle not against. Let’s see what Lena says…

Silence. It’s afternoon, it’s twilight, Lena still didn’t answer.

Some of my friends: Girls, the proposal is still relevant.

Lena: Oh, hello. I was not looking at group chats, sorry. I have other plans.…

In my experience, groups of different sexes are generally more sociable. Moreover, they by logic should be more likable overall in percentage–take note, if you decide to try Tinder Social.

General advice for the group search would be to take the initiative and to set the most capacious and specific purpose, so it will be easier to find out if your plans fit those of other groups of people.

How do we arrange a meeting?

Although the girls, as usual, were languid and silent, we managed to find company for the evening. It was a group of two friends: two attractive brunettes – she was local and he was Irish. The conversation went by the same scenario that I described above, with the only exception being that those guys did not have other plans, and they, just like us, were using Tinder Social according to its intended purpose.

About two hours after the match, we reported the coordinates of the meeting to our new friends, exchanged contacts and agreed on when and where to meet. So by 9 PM we all gathered at Vadim’s. And although poker didn’t take place this evening, we had a pretty good time. At the end of the meeting, as expected, we had a small talk about how interesting it has become to live with the advent of all this digitalness… Then we peacefully dispersed to our homes.

Of course, we didn’t have a chance to know each other well enough to make friends that quickly. And I’m not sure if we will ever meet again. But I do know that all of this is in our hands, and all that is nothing but a direct result of our own intentions.

Can I find partners for group sex on Tinder Social?

Yes, you can. Among the people with whom I communicated via Tinder Social as part of a group, there was at least one couple in search of erotic adventures. Such couples normally refer to their purpose rather soon, or at least make their goals clear by asking some leading questions. You can arrange a meeting with them using the same principle that was described earlier—initiation, sharing phone numbers, offering dinner—simple as that.

Again, you should clearly mention your purpose of swiping to set up a constructive dialogue and to not waste your time and the time of other people in vain. Do not forget, we live in Moscow, which means that we are all very busy bees…

Wishing you successful swiping, and stay tuned!

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