WingStop In Moscow, (Almost) Just Like Home

Let’s face it, Moscow chicken wings hardly taste as delicious as those back home. So, if you’re looking to satisfy your hometown wing craving, look no further than the WingStop Sports Bar (Fun Fact: Several franchises are owned by rapper Rick Ross in the States). Equipped with 10 different flavors including such favorites as Atomic, Barbecue, and Garlic Parmesan, WingStop’s chicken wings are easily the best ones I’ve had in Moscow.

The atmosphere is pretty much that of your typical sports bar, with TVs airing various sports around-the-clock plastered on the walls. However, the remaining decor follows a nostalgic, 1930s and 1940s “pre-jet” aviation theme.

On the plus side, the crowd is generally less than light on the weekends at the location just outside the Universitet (Университет) metro, leaving you to be served in an acceptable amount of time by Moscow standards.

However, following along with typical Moscow restaurant service, the waitstaff is usually a drag. Ask for Andre, he’s probably the friendliest individual in the joint, immediately greeting you with, ‘My name is Andre. I don’t speak English.’

While the prices have seen a significant increase lately (inflation anyone?), they still remain pretty grounded. I’m able to scarf down the 8 wing combo, which comes with a basket of fries and a small drink included for about 430 Rubles (up from 380 Rubles a few weeks ago).

There is also a new location on Novy Arbat at the Arbatskaya (Арбатская) metro station, but I don’t recommend it as they don’t provide a full menu and the prices seem to be higher. A third location resides near Kashirskaya (Каширская) metro station, but I’ve not been there yet.

Being a regular semi-weekly spot in Memphis, TN, it was a real treat to learn WingStop had made the leap across the ocean to setup a franchise in the Evil Empire. I recommend checking it out if you’re a fan of chicken wings or feel like chatting up the few foreigners (mostly Americans) that may have wandered in.

WingStop Sports Bar 
Ploshchad’ Dzhavakharlala Neru, 1, Universitet metro station

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