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It is always interesting to observe how the mental characteristics of the people of different groups and geographic locations occur

Give it up for the festival organizers for making Moscow’s GreenJam a resounding success! I’ll admit, I arrived rather late

They say that one can obtain a true representation of Indian cuisine only after tasting the mouth-watering paneer on the


Give it up for the festival organizers for making Moscow’s GreenJam a resounding success! I’ll admit, I arrived rather late to the party—a mistake I now regret—but I still enjoyed the unique atmosphere with various forms of entertainment available. In short, color me impressed; in full, continue on… From an organizational standpoint, I consider the quality of the festival to have been top-notch. Holding the event at Moscow’s Center for City Culture “Pravda” near the Savelovskaya Metro Station was a wonderful choice. The artistic, grungy setting was both enjoyable and seemed to mesh well with the audience and happenings alike.

Last Saturday’s First International Sweding Festival succeeded in a number of aspects, with some room for improvement–as with any “first-time” event. Of course, the primary goal of the festival was to entertain attendees by showing several sweded films and awarding the best works in various categories–and that they did. For the duration of the festival, countless sweded films were put on display–some to applause, and some to laughter–with several breaks inbetween showing blocks. For those seeking information on how to become master sweding-makers, an educational portion of the event featured famous YouTube vlogger and entrepreneur Evgeniy Gavrilin and movie director

Photo: Vadim Skorobogatko Sokolniki Park invites everyone to join the bike parade Lady on a Bicycle this weekend! For the fourth consecutive year, the fair sex will gather and show how beautiful and cool girls and bikes look together. During the project’s existence, participants have put retro 60s fashion, cruise outfits, and the transformation into film stars of the 20th century on full display. This year, bike-ladies will be inspired by a new theme–flowers. Flowers will also be the main element of the decorations at the event site. Lady on a Bicycle is open to all ages, but young ladies

On August 20, the Art. Lebedev studio will hold a public master class about home-based coffee brewing in Moscow Kafeterius №3. A barista from the Kafeterius will show some alternative ways of brewing coffee and tell how to prepare proper coffee at home without using coffee machines. After the master class, a viewing & discussion of the documentary about the journey of a coffee bean from the plantations, where it was grown, to the best cafeterias in the world will also take place in the cafe. The doors are open to everyone with FREE entry. To get a ticket to the



Muscovites’ depictions regarding the work of local police are traditionally either ironic or simply negative. Foreigners a fortiori are terrified

I always thought that Moscow needs a hero it deserves. A silent guardian, a watchful protector. After the news about

From the moment I arrived in Ukraine, I knew everything would be different. It was my first time living outside

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